10 Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. You shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s mistake. Even if someone in your workplace accidently sexually harasses you – you still have the right to a workplace without harassment. No woman (or man) should have to work while being harassed.

The issue is many individuals do not know when they are experiencing harassment. Not everyone understands the in’s and out’s of sexual harassment like a sexual harassment lawyer does. So I wanted to give women and men out there ten concrete examples of sexual harassment.

Here’s are ten surefire situations where sexual harassment occurs in the workplace:

1. Sharing is not caring: If your boss or co-workers continually share suggestive images with you (like porn) and it offends you, then you may be experiencing sexual harassment.
2. Asking too many questions: Your boss and co-workers have no right to dig into your personal life. Constant questioning about one’s sexual history or orientation can be considered harassment.
3. That’s not funny: Lewd jokes around the workplace or dirty sexual anecdotes have no place in a professional workspace. Constant dirty jokes can be considered sexual harassment.
4. Don’t touch this: Any unwanted touching in a sexual manner is sexual harassment. If you’re space is being violated at work, you need to contact a sexual harassment lawyer.
5. Stop being suggestive: Any suggestive emails, notes, or letters that constitute an unwanted advance can be considered harassment – if they are constant.
6. If it’s offensive: Rude or offensive comments about an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity can lead to a sexual harassment case.
7. Don’t display: Any sexual signage or posters in the workplace could be considered sexual harassment.
8. Can’t comment: If a co-worker or boss continually makes sexual comments about you attire or body, then you may be experiencing sexual harassment.
9. Catcalling: It’s unlikely you work at a construction site, so catcalling and whistling in the workplace is always considered sexual harassment. You shouldn’t have to hear whistling as you make your way through the office each and every day.
10. Gross gestures: This one shouldn’t even come up, but it does. You shouldn’t have to work while someone continually stares at you. He or she shouldn’t continually be blowing you kisses while at work. Dirty hand gestures or thrusting motions should never enter the workplace. These are all examples of sexual harassment.

This was just a short list of different types of sexual harassment. This list could go on and on – into the hundreds. The fact of the matter is sexual harassment happens, and in all different shapes and sizes. Once you understand what constitutes harassment, you’ll know when you need to call a sexual harassment lawyer.