7 Stunning Sexual Harassment Cases That Made News

Sexual harassment has been a real problem throughout the United States, and numerous areas of the world for years. While educating individuals can curtail some of the challenges, sexual harassment cases still continue.

One way to hopefully inform, educate and end situations of sexual assault is to elaborate on exactly what constitutes a violation. As such, we’ve gathered seven stunning cases of sexual harassment that made the news over the years.

While these cases are certainly not inclusive, the idea of what sexual harassment is will hopefully help any victims of such brutality.

Isiah Thomas & the New York Knicks

A New York Knicks staffer claimed that famous former NBA player and then head coach of the team had continually sexually harassed her over a period of two years. Once she complained to the team, she was fired a month later. This mishandling cost the team over $11 million.

Aaron’s Rent-To-Own Disaster

Sexual harassment cases can be costly for many companies. A woman won $40 million from Aaron’s Rent-To-Own after one of the chain’s general managers sexually assaulted her. The man allegedly snuck up behind her while she was in a stock room, hit her head with his penis and masturbated on her.

bill-cosbyBill Cosby & Drugging

A beloved icon in the United States, Bill Cosby has fallen hard from grace. Over the course of multiple decades, many women have come forth and alleged Cosby sexually assaulted or attacked them, including many instances of drugging women without their knowledge.

Clarence Thomas & Workplace Sexual Harassment

After being appointed by George H.W. Bush, the Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faced allegations of sexual harassment from a former employee. The charges were then nationally televised in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. While Thomas was still confirmed despite the woman’s testimony, the case did shed light of sexual harassment in the workplace and offer a number of women courage to come forward.

The Navy Tailhook Harassment

A female aviator in the Navy was sexually assaulted in a ritual called “The Gauntlet,” where women were passed down a hallway of men being pinched, prodded and groped. The woman told her boss, the Admiral of the Navy, Jack Snyder. Snyder did nothing. So she went public with the assault. Eventually, the Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney removed the Admiral.

Kelly’s Case

Kelly has been the butt of jokes about sexual assault for years, but his sexual misconduct is no laughing matter. A video showed R. Kelly apparently engaging in sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl. Kelly denied the claims, and so did the girl. Thus, he was released from all charges.

bill-clintonBill Clinton’s Arkansas Issue

Bill Clinton has been surrounded in sexual scandals a few times in his professional life. One such instance occurred when Clinton was running for President. Paula Jones, an Arkansas state employee, alleged that Clinton exposed himself and propositioned her in a Little Rock hotel. Clinton settled with the woman, but never admitted doing anything wrong.