Defective Road Accidents Lawyer Kansas City MO

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Car, truck or motorcycle accidents happen frequently, and most often, we consider the driver as the primary cause by assuming reckless driving or speeding. However, there are other causes for dangerous collisions, and that is where road defects can come into the picture. Even the most careful and rule-abiding drivers have no escape to the hazardous conditions created by road defects. Sometimes an accident can happen even when there is no other vehicle involved, and the government can be held liable for a car accident that occurs on defectively designed streets and highways.

When a serious injury or death results from such an accident, victims and their families should pursue legal actions. There are federal and state laws that aim to protect drivers from the hazards caused by dangerous and defective roads.

There are several ways that roads can cause injuries to drivers:

  • Poorly designed roads
  • Missing or defective traffic signals
  • Missing or defective road signs
  • Gradients (slopes) that are too steep
  • Improperly maintained highways
  • Improperly marked construction zones


The following are the frequent injuries sustained in defective road accidents:

  • Head trauma
  • Spine Cord Injury
  • Neck injury
  • Back Injury
  • Broken Limbs
  • Permanent Scarring


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