Is Disability Discrimination Still Rampant?

While we have come far as a people, there’s still a long road ahead of us. Equality is a winding road up a mountain that takes quite on toll on the body (population) before finally making it to the top. We are not there yet, but our society seems to be moving in the right direction.

Even as progress is moving in the right direction, some individuals are still suffering. One such group of people is those with disabilities. A new study shows that applicants who claim their disabilities on their application receive over 25% less interest from employers.

Your Lawyer Already Knew

While these numbers may shock you – your lawyer wasn’t too surprised. Any disability discrimination lawyer worth a grain of salt has seen the blatant oppression these people face from employers.

And even though these attorneys were not surprised by the discrimination, the amount was staggering. 25% is a large and statistically significant number. Make no mistake about it – disabled individuals have a hard time finding and keeping work due to these practices.

Nothing to Hide

The study cited solely used interest in the application as an indicator of disability discrimination, but many disabled people struggle further in the interview process. You cannot hide the fact that you can’t walk. Your wheelchair comes to the interview with you. Many other ailments are visibly noticeable, as well.

As such, many disability discrimination lawyers find that the application process is often the least of handicapped individuals problems when on the hunt for employment.

Hard on Small Businesses

Another factor working against this group of people is the legislation regarding small businesses. Due to the Americans with Disabilities Act, or the ADA, a company with less than 15 employees does not have to abide by the act. Thus, smaller employers do not have to make many reasonable accommodations to handicapped persons.

The First Step to Justice

If you have a disability and find discrimination rife when working or looking for a job – your first step to justice is to pick up the phone and call an experienced lawyer. Start to learn more about your discrimination and your rights. You deserve reasonable accommodation and more.

Disability Discrimination Lawyers in Kansas City

If disability discrimination has hurt your chances at finding or keeping employment and are located in the Kansas City metro area – we hope you’ll get in touch. At Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher, we battle for the rights of disabled people in the workplace. By taking necessary steps to protect your rights and determining appropriate action for your case – we can ensure you get what you deserve.