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Wrongful termination can be a tricky topic. Typically, wrongful termination laws vary from state to state. Some states follow the rules of at-will employment to a “T”, but many do not. If you feel you’ve been unfairly terminated, you may want to reach out to a wrongful termination lawyer. First, you’ll want to educate yourself on what wrongful termination actually is.

What Is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination is not an easy claim to prove. The “At-will” doctrine that is at least somewhat accepted by most states allows employers to fire employees for any reason they see fit. To be perfectly honest, employers don’t need a reason to fire any employee.

The other side of the “At-will” doctrine is that employees can usually quit their jobs without any advanced notice or reasonable cause. This results in most employers requiring employees to sign a document stating they understand “At-will” employment policies are used in the company.

Examples of Wrongful Termination

Yet, even with “At-will” employment in place there are cases where employers treat employees unfairly when firing them. Some examples of wrongful termination include:

  • Discrimination: If you were fired due to your race, sex, religion, disability, age and more – you have a wrongful termination case. Employers cannot discriminate against anyone when firing employees. Contact a wrongful termination lawyer immediately if you’ve found yourself in this scenario.
  • Constructive Dismissal: If you felt your employer was treating you badly due to your race, sex, religion, disability or age, and your working conditions were made unbearable or you felt pressure to resign – you may have a wrongful termination lawsuit. These types of cases can vary wildly, so it’s best to contact a wrongful termination lawyer to give you feedback.
  • Whistle Blowing: These types of cases can also vary, but they often happen. If you were fired for reporting the employer doing something illegal or refusing to do something illegal yourself on behalf of the employer
  • Workers Compensation: If you were fired for filing a workers compensation claim or reporting a workplace injury you may have a wrongful termination claim.

Wrongful Termination & Contract Employees

Your termination will be governed by the terms in your contract, if you are a contract employee. If your contract states you are an “At-will” employee, you can be fired at will. However, your contact can be written or oral – even a promise like “your job is secure” can be used in the court of law.

Should You Hire a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

Each and every case is different. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a wrongful discrimination case or a sexual harassment case. Thus, if you’re unsure whether you’ve been treated fairly or not, you’ll want to contact a wrongful termination lawyer.

Wrongful Termination Lawyer in Kansas City

If you’re in need of a wrongful termination lawyer in Kansas City, we hope you’ll contact us. Here at Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher Trial Lawyers, we strive to be the best wrongful termination lawyers in Kansas City. If you are dealing with any issue involving an unfair termination, please reach out today. We are here to help.