Don’t Suffer in Silence! Workplace Harassment is a Crime

It’s often hard to tell when you’re the victim of workplace harassment. Most harassers do not begin by aggressively bullying others. So you start to let things slide.

Confusion often lends hand to silence. Silence tends to turn into common occurrences. And these instances that keep happening more and more – they can turn into a crime.

Workplace harassment and bullying have become all too prevalent in the business climate of today. Luckily, we have come a long way from yesteryear. Today, you’ll find grievance proceedings, help HR managers, and a court of law that refuses to victim blame in the workplace.

Typical Workplace Harassment Behaviors

Before you spend energy trying to understand why you’re being bullied or how to make it go away – it’s important to realize exactly what behaviors are considered harassment. Some common forms of bullying in business settings include:

  • Consistently finding fault and flaws outside scope of work
  • Continually controlling every situation and ignoring others input
  • Any threatening acts
  • Inappropriate jokes and humor
  • Always seeking approval or attention
  • Purposely creating divisions among co-workers
  • Covert behaviors intended to harm

…And much more!

The Feelings Associated with Workplace Harassment

As humans, we often feel the need to be liked by everyone around us – even our bully. Your harasser may be organized in their attacks and quite convincing. And it can take a lot of your personal energy to endure the onslaught. You may even spend countless hours stress over how to get on the “good side” of this bad person – in hopes, the problems will cease.

You must stop this type of thinking immediately when being bullied! Stop trying to find a logical conclusion to the difficult behaviors of a bully. By using logic to solve your problem, you begin to play right into the harasser’s mind games. You must avoid this.

Next, you have to foster a mindset of proactive victim. It’s not your fault that you’re being bullied. You are a victim, but you cannot sit back and sulk. While you shouldn’t sulk, you must not confront your bully. If you don’t feel comfortable alone with this individual, then always keep a third party close.

Keep evidence of the harassment. A diary or email chain of events can help. Voice messages and emails should be saved. Gather your evidence before voicing your issues. Businesses take these claims seriously, and you could be fired if you have no proof to back up “your side” of the story.

Once you’re prepared and have taken the necessary action, make sure you have copies of your evidence. Then present your case to the HR department or whatever level of management in your company would handle such claims. Be prepared to leave or resign if things don’t go well. If your business chooses this path – then your first call after leaving the meeting that led to terminating your contract would be to a lawyer.

Workplace Harassment Lawyer in Kansas City

If you find yourself in a similar situation like the one described above and are located in the Kansas City metro area – we hope you’ll get in touch. At Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher, we help those who battle against workplace harassment, by taking necessary steps to protect your rights, determining the appropriate remedy for your specific situation, and ensuring that justice is served.