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First Amendment

The first amendment is a mandate directed against congress. As such, the protection afforded by the first amendment only applies to public employees. This is because the government directly influences their manner and conduct of employment. Although not directly applicable to employees of the private sector, the employer in such sectors could still be liable if they violated any anti-discrimination laws. Therefore, although the first amendment directly applies to the public sector, it is still important to determine if whether the private sector employee’s ability to exercise his right is interfered with through discriminating means.

Rights Protected Under the First Amendment:

  • Freedom of Religion.

    This includes the “establishment” clause and the “free exercise” clause. The former means there be no one official religion or the preference of one religion over another. The second is that each individual has the right and freedom to affiliate himself/herself to any religion of his/her choice.

  • Freedom of Speech and of the Press.

    This refers to the individual’s freedom to speak his/her mind. But such right is not absolute. The limit is to exercise this right is known as  the “clear and present danger” rule.

  • Freedom of Assembly and Petition.

    This means that individuals have the right to group together and address their concerns to the government. The limitation of this right is that it must a peaceable assembly.

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