Holiday Pay Issue Lawyer Kansas City MO

Holiday Pay Issue Lawyer

In the United States, there is no federal law that requires employers to provide employees with holiday pay. But employees can still be paid in certain circumstances.

Instances when an employee gets paid for a holiday:

  • The company voluntarily provides it.

    In the labor market, benefits are considered as competition. In order to attract workers, some companies will provide holiday and vacation pay.

  • The employee’s contract provides for it.

    Although no federal law requires an employer to give holiday pay, if it so provided on your employment contract, then that contract will prevail over the law. The employer will be obliged to provide you with holiday pay.

  • It is stipulated in the collective bargaining agreement.

    A labor union is the representative of all the employees in a collective bargaining unit. If it has been negotiated and agreed upon in the collective bargaining agreement that the employer will provide holiday pay, then it shall be obliged to do so.

  • When counted as overtime.

    The employer can compel an employee to work even on a holiday without having to provide for holiday pay. But if the work of the employee on that day exceeds his total number of hours per week, which is 40, any hour worked in excess of the 40 will be considered as overtime pay.

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If your work on a holiday falls within these four instances but your employer refuses to provide you with holiday pay, don’t hesitate to consult Paulus Law Firm. We will guide you through the legal process and help you enforce your right.