Well, let’s hope things don’t get lawless. That’s not what we want. We just want everyone to be safe around the holidays. The holidays are a time to spend with those you care about, your family and friends.

So in the holiday spirit, we’re dishing out a few tips and tricks to ensure you stay safe and well within your right during the winter. Check out these tips from your favorite Kansas City law firm:

Slip, But Don’t Fall

Whether you own a business or invite people to your personal property, you have a legal obligation every winter. When snow, sleet, ice, or rain makes things slippery on your property – you are obligated to make sure people can safety move throughout the property. While your personal liability at your home is dependent on a number factors, your business can be held responsible anytime someone injures themselves after a fall during business hours.

So do yourself a favor and have the snow blower, shovels, and salt handy. You have an obligation to keep people safe. And in the wintertime, this means making sure no one falls while walking around.

Speeding & Sleet

Some of the worst accidents and consequently, tickets, we’ve ever seen have happened during the winter months. You MUST take extreme caution when driving in winter weather. If you don’t, you could hurt yourself and others. Plus, it’s quite easy to claim reckless driving after a wreck in the winter months.

Follow the Holiday Rules

Most neighborhoods with HOAs offer a strict set of guidelines with regards to holiday decorations. Just follow these rules. Don’t let anyone intimidate you from decorating as you please. Just understand that we’ve had legal battles over decorations that cost people tens of thousands of dollars. It’s not worth it. Just avoid.

Don’t Drink & Drive

People tend to drink more alcohol over the holidays. This is perfectly fine and normal. However, more people also end up with DUIs during the holidays. Just don’t do it. If you’ve had one too many spiked eggnogs, then call an Uber. With all the apps available today, there’s no reason to get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking – especially during the holidays.

Shovel Safely

While this isn’t exactly a legal tip, we’ve seen many a back problem get aggravated after someone tries to shovel too much snow. Avoid the pain when too much snow hits the ground by hiring a professional service to clear your driveway. Saving a few bucks is not that important, especially when the alternative is being bed-ridden with back pain during the holidays.

Most Importantly…

Enjoy it. Avoid making silly holiday mistakes and enjoy the time spent with your friends and family. Make great memories that will last a lifetime, and try to avoid bad ones that could cost you one. From our family to yours – we want to wish you a safe and enjoyable winter and holiday season!