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When expecting and raising a child both parents are obliged not only to take care of each other but also raise the child together. But there have been many instances where raising a family and obligations in the workplace conflict each other. This conflict is what parents and soon-to-be parents worry about. Maternity and paternity discrimination arises when there is a disparity between the benefits granted to the mother and father in relation to the pregnancy or their child.

Laws that need to be considered in leave policies:

  • Title VII, Civil Rights Act. This prohibits employers from discriminating against and providing benefits to employees based on a basis of sex, religion, race or national origin.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This act amends Title VII by adding pregnancy, birth or other related medical conditions to the enumeration.
  • Family and Medical Leave Act. Under this law, the employee is provided 12 weeks of leave for a serious medical condition, including bonding time after the birth of the child.

Additional Paternity Leave:

Mothers are granted a full 52 weeks maternity leave while fathers are only granted two weeks paid paternity leave. Clearly, there is a great disparity with regard to how long they can leave work to care and bond with their child. The additional paternity leave grants another 26 weeks of paternity leave and to receive additional statutory paternity pay for some that period, on top of the two weeks ordinary leave already granted to the father. But this benefit can only be availed of before the first birthday of the child.

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Although the law has already laid down the standards for providing benefits to mothers and fathers, if an employer opts to provide more for the mother, the same should be provided for the father. Otherwise, discrimination will arise. For more information on this matter, just contact Paulus Law Firm. Our lawyers are always ready to assist you.