Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer Kansas City MO

Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

Bankruptcy is a legal status which only the state can grant and implies that you can no longer pay your debt. The best part about personal bankruptcy is that it wipes out debts. This means that you have been legally discharged from the obligation of paying the debt, however, this will affect your credit report. Personal bankruptcy can reflect a bad credit score on your credit report and would remain there for 7-10 years.


Before you can file for personal bankruptcy, the law obliges you to seek credit counselling 180 days prior to filing, from one of the counsellors approved by the courts. You are not eligible to file without complying with this requirement. The next step is to hire an attorney. This is where Paulus Law Firm can greatly help you. We understand how tiring and exhaustive the process of personal bankruptcy can be. That is why we will find ways of going through the process in an orderly and expedient manner.


There are two major types of personal bankruptcy.

  1. 1.       Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Under this type of bankruptcy, your properties (aside from the ones labelled as protected) will be liquidated, sold, and the proceeds distributed to your creditors.


  1. 2.       Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Under this type, you will make a payment plan for your debts covering a span of 3-5 years. This repayment plan shall be submitted to the court upon filing of personal bankruptcy.


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The U.S. constitution has expressly provided the ability to discharge all or part of your debts if you are unable to pay them. Let Paulus Law Firm represent you in this process and we will take care of the rest.