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Divorce Attorney in Kansas CityOur culture has been indebted with divorce for decades. With the divorce rate seemingly hovering around 50%, you may find yourself fighting in family court after a failed marriage.

We get it. These things happen, life changes and your family may not be what it once was. Once a divorce has been filed, you will need a divorce lawyer. If you don’t protect your family and assets in the court of law, you will be left open to vulnerabilities that could harm your family, ability to see your children, and your finances.

This field of law pertains to divorces, annulments, and dissolutions. The divorce process begins when one party approaches a lawyer to start drafting divorce papers. Couples may hire a lawyer together to foster an amicable divorce, but contentious divorce proceedings can be commonplace.

A divorce can become official once both parties sign the papers created, but things are rarely so simple. An essential part of divorce proceedings is the moderation of settlements by a divorce attorney. This includes child custody, a division of assets, alimony, child support, spousal support, and more.

Divorce lawyers may also need to enforce prenuptial agreements. Divorce proceedings do not have to end up in a heated legal battle in family court, but they often do because of the high stakes and hostility on both sides.

How to Find a Great Divorce Lawyer

If you find divorce papers in front of you or realize your marriage isn’t working out, you’ll need to find an awesome divorce attorney to fight for your rights. Here’s how to do just that:

Ask Around

With staggering divorce statistics, you should know a few people who have gotten a divorce. Get in touch with friends and family who have fought this uphill battle and see if they found a lawyer they liked. Searching around Google is always a good idea, too. Just type in “divorce lawyer” plus you city name. So, “divorce lawyer Kansas City” would be perfect.

Look for Experience

No matter which divorce lawyer you end up selecting to fight for you, he or she must be experienced. You need someone who knows how to work the family court system and win a case for you.

Complimentary Consultation

Divorce is rarely cheap. You need to find out what your legal costs will be before choosing a divorce attorney. So take advantage of the complimentary initial consultation most lawyers offer.

Writing is Vital

During your initial meeting, make sure to ask about pricing. Get this pricing in written format by the end of the meeting. You can’t afford to hire a lawyer who won’t clarify how he or she bills.

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