Family Law Attorney in Kansas City MO

Family Law Attorney in Kansas City MO

No family is perfect. No individual is, either. Life happens, and people change. When your family starts to change, we are here for you. Family law revolves around a broad scope of legal topics regarding marriage and children.

Commonly referred to as divorce law, as well, many cases in these legal areas involve divorce, annulment, adoption, child custody, visitation, and more. State child protection, domestic violence, restraining orders for adults, and some other claims can also fall under this scope of law.

The vast majority of individuals looking for a family law lawyer find themselves getting divorced. Due to the nature of family courts in our country, people who don’t invest in a well-trained attorney often get raked over the coals by a rigged system. You have to fight for your rights when you want child custody, visitation, child support, spousal support, and alimony.

How to Find the Perfect Family Law Lawyer

If you find yourself in a fight for your family and your financial future, it’s imperative to find the perfect family law lawyer. To do so, you’ll want to:

Do Your Homework

Don’t go to the first family lawyer you find on television or radio. Dig deep and do a little research. There’s a lot at stake when you go to family court. See if any family or friends have a family law attorney recommendation. Get on Google and look for reviews. Call the state bar association and ask for recommendations in your area.

Experience is Important

You MUST find a family lawyer who has been in the trenches for other clients in similar situations. Family court can get ugly, and you need someone who knows how to fight for their customers.


Once you found a few attorneys you’d like to work with, sit down with each one in-person. Family law lawyers usually offer a complimentary initial consultation. Use this time to interview the person and find out pricing.

Writing is Essential

Get pricing and terms in writing from any lawyer you’re interested in hiring. Do not sign anything until you have pricing and terms in written form. You shouldn’t have to pay for anything you didn’t agree to.

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When you’re facing an uphill battle to protect your family and finances, there’s only one family law lawyer in Kansas City to call – Paulus Law Firm.

We work hard to win the tough battles in the courtroom for your family. If you’re dealing with any issue involving divorce, custody, alimony, and more, please reach out today.

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