Wrongful Termination Attorney in Kansas City MO

Wrongful Termination Lawyer Kansas City MO

You were hired on the exact same day. The four of you were said to be the sales team that would bring your new company back to the promise land. The first six months on the job were amazing. Your training grace period was filled with learning, laughing, and a bunch of new business. The four of you could do no wrong.

Quota wasn’t ever an issue. Product was moving off the shelves faster than anyone had ever seen. While you weren’t the top salesman in the company – you weren’t too far off. Then one day your boss called you into his office. Right as you opened the door you knew something wasn’t right. This wasn’t another congratulatory meeting for all your sales accomplishments.

He told you to sit down and then began listing off the good things you had done for the company. You started to feel confused. Next thing you knew – you didn’t have a job any longer. It was a whirlwind and you didn’t know what had happened. There was no reason given for your termination. Security escorted you out of the building once you got your things and you sat in your car dejected.

You need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

You spent the next couple weeks moping around the house. You couldn’t quite figure out why you were fired. None of the other salespeople hired when you were got fired. Actually, you were the only one in the company to get let go. You were making the company money. You were always on time. You never got into any trouble.

Something wasn’t adding up. Then it hit you. Your boss knew your wife was beginning cancer treatments and that would drive up health insurance costs. There was no more mystery. The nest morning you call a wrongful termination lawyer.

When to Call a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Not every situation is as simple as the one above. Wrongful termination cases come in all shapes and sizes. Most are a bit more complex than the one above. Common wrongful termination cases include:

• Attempting to prevent employees from taking medical leave
• Terminating an employee for filing a workers compensation claim
• Taking time off work for jury duty or to vote
• Serving in the military
• Whistleblowing practices

…And a number of other factors!

If you were fired and believe the termination was not fair – you should contact a wrongful termination lawyer. At the very least, a lawyer will be able to inform you if your firing was just or not. Then you will know whether to seek legal council or move on.

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