Harassment has absolutely no place in your workplace, or any workplace. Your employees should feel a sense of comfort in your workplace. This comfort not only is important to the employee as a person, but often allows individuals to do better work. No one can focus on creating quality work if they always feel nervous about potentially being harassed. Work quality will always suffer when an employee feels the need to call an employee harassment lawyer.

Preventing Employee Harassment doesn’t have to be Difficult

The good news about keeping your employees comfortable and productive in the workplace is that it’s relatively easy. By creating policies and procedures that protect your employees from harassment, you’ll create an environment that is not conducive to harassment.

As an added bonus, these policies and procedures will protect your company from a call from an employee harassment lawyer. The only thing you have to do once you create the proper employee harassment policies and procedures is to follow them.

employee-harassment-kcHere are a few quick tips for preventing employee harassment in your workplace:

• Openly communicate your anti-harassment policy once created. Ignorance is never bliss with regards to harassment.
• Create an easy way for employees to report any type of harassment in the workplace.
• Encourage employees to communicate any issues they may be facing in the workplace by ensuring each employee feels comfortable.
• Every incident reported could be a court case. Contact your attorney immediately and act accordingly.
• Immediately investigate any claims.
• Don’t make life worse for an individual who has made a claim. This could make your case worse.
• Ensure no job benefits were lost due to the harassment.
• Stop the harassment instantly. Do whatever it takes (legally), if the claims of harassment have proven to be true.
• If harassment was committed, a company must discipline the individual harassing others. This should be documented.
• Correct any past injustices and harassments. Take action to ensure the harassed begin to feel comfortable again.
• Document everything. Make sure to detail the investigation and what your company did to fix the situation.

These are just a few quick tips on handling and preventing harassment. Harassment claims are quite a serious matter and should be handled as such. Each claim must be handled with care and attention to detail.

Creating the Perfect Procedures for when a Complaint Arrives

If you own a company or work for a certain employer long enough, there is bound to be a harassment claim. It’s important that when a complaint arrives, everyone handling the claim takes things seriously. Negligence is not looked upon kindly by a jury. Investigate the complaint to your best ability. Do not make judgments about the individuals involved based upon reputation.

Never make assumptions when a complaint comes down the pipe. As any employee harassment lawyer will tell you – this is where companies make mistakes that lead to problems. Don’t simply think the individual complaining of harassment is too sensitive.