A Race Discrimination Lawyer’s Take on Recent Developments

Race is a hot button topic these days. You can’t flip on the news without seeing race mention throughout nearly every discussion. Politics, movies, music, money, athletics, and business all have their eyes glued on the issue of race. While the push for equality is ever present, it may seem your skin color is more important than ever before.

One could claim the looming presidential elections have played a role in racial talks and seemingly increasing tensions, but other factors are likely playing a larger role. One of the main factors continually keeping race on our minds is social media.

Social Media and Race

The best aspect about social media is that it gives everyone a voice. Any individual can get on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to spread their message. If you want it bad enough, you will be heard on these social platforms. This is also the worst aspect of social media. The people with horrendous views can use the sites to spread their vile speech far and wide.

As a lawyer – free speech is of utmost importance. Thus, the need for opposing viewpoints is understood. The problem stems from the reactions of the silent majority when seeing these views. These views tend to incite ill will among different groups of individuals.

People who had never hated other before are now exposed to hatred every single day. Often, this hatred was unknown before social media. A simple tweet or three is now all it takes to incite rage amongst groups, especially between certain races. And this is not beneficial for our society as a whole.

Race Discrimination Really Happens

Overall, our society has moved far, far past where we were, but race discrimination is still around. Employers still occasionally engage in discriminatory hiring or employment practices due to race. No organization is perfect. Just like no employee or society is.

How to Handle Race Discrimination?

The key is to not sit back if you believe you’ve been subjected to race discrimination. Keep detailed notes of anything that has happened. Contact HR or management to voice your concerns once you have your evidence. Then get in touch with a lawyer to determine if you claims will stand up in the court of law.

The Best Lawyers in the Kansas City Metro Area

If race discrimination has taken it’s toll on your career or finances and are located in the Kansas City metro area, we hope you’ll reach out. At Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher, we stand up for the rights of all people in the workplace – no matter your race. By taking necessary steps to protect you and determining appropriate action for the case – we will fight back and get you justice.