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Interesting Developments From the Workplace Discrimination Front

We've talked about workplace discrimination in a variety of forms here. Sexual harassment to race discrimination or disability discrimination and more. Many people find confusion in what workplace discrimination is and how we are combating it as a culture. No longer does the workplace resemble the "good ole' boys club" here in the United States. [...]

Workplace Discrimination Victims Deserve Real Justice

Workplace Discrimination Victims Deserve Real Justice Life isn't fair. It's a fact of this little game we all play called life. We are led to believe certain entities were created to protect us, but the reality of the situation doesn't paint quite as rosy a view. Injustice spreads far, and it spreads wide. For instance [...]

Thoughts from a Race Discrimination Lawyer: What Not to Do When Discriminated Against

Life is not easy. Life is not fair. No matter what laws and legislation are in place – there will always be some bad apples out there. This means discrimination will always occur in some way, shape, or form. Sadly, there is no way around it. The only things you can do if you’re facing [...]

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