The Basics of Disability Discrimination

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One of the most common forms of discrimination in our society is disability discrimination. While most consider disability discrimination in the workplace, this type of discrimination can happen anywhere.

Workplace Discrimination

Disability discrimination occurs in the workplace when an employer treats a qualified individual who is an employee or applicant unfairly because he or she has a disability. This type of discrimination also occurs when an employee treats an individual unfairly because he or she has a history of disability. One example of this type of discrimination is when someone has cancer that is in remission.

This law also protects against discrimination based upon a relationship with someone with a disability. For example, you cannot discriminate against an employee who has a disabled child.

It is illegal to harass an individual with a disability in the workplace. This includes stating offensive remarks about a person’s disability. This type of harassment is only considered discriminatory when the comments continually create a hostile work environment.

More To It

Discrimination disability is quite nuanced. There is more to it than described above. If you feel you’ve been discriminated against due to your disability or someone you care about has, you need to reach out to a discrimination lawyer. A discrimination lawyer will help you determine if you have and case and take you through the next steps.

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