The Do’s & Don’ts of Hiring an Employment Discrimination Attorney

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Finding the perfect attorney to defend you in an employment discrimination case is no easy matter. In fact, just like hiring any lawyer, the job can be frustrating. You don’t want to work with any old employment discrimination attorney when your financial future may be on the line.

With this in mind, we want to make hiring an employment discrimination attorney easier for you.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of hiring one:

Do’s for an Employment Discrimination Attorney

Search Lawyer’s Websites

Do your research. You can learn a lot about a lawyer by checking his or her website, which most discrimination attorneys now have.

Provide a Precise Written Account of Your Case

Employment discrimination cases are detail oriented and fact intensive. A lawyer will never know if you have a case unless you provided a detailed description of exactly what happen. You must also tell any lawyer the true story, all of it.

Ask About a Lawyer’s Fees

Lawyers often have complicated fee structures when dealing with employment discrimination cases. Thus, you’ll want to be made aware of all fees for all situations regarding your case.

Expect To Spend Money

You will spend some money for a good employment discrimination lawyer. These types of lawyers are often different with regards to fee structure than accident lawyers.

Expect Things To Take Some Time

As well, you’ll need to be patient in an employment discrimination case. Many times it takes both sides a while to get over bad feelings and come to a settlement.

Don’ts for an Employment Discrimination Attorney

Expect Your Case To Be Cheap

Again, your fees will rarely be structured in a similar manner as those of accident lawyers. You may be required to pay a large fee up front. This means your case may not be cheap.

Expect a “Free Consultation”

As well, some employment lawyers do not offer free consultations during employment discrimination cases. These cases are detailed oriented and take time to understand. This means your lawyer will have to do some investigating work and time equals money.

Don’t Expect Large Monetary Gains or a Quick Settlement

While many employment discrimination cases reach a settlement or a large financial gain, you should not expect these things as you reach out to an attorney. As well, employment discrimination law often places a cap on the amount of money one can receive.

Employment Discrimination Attorney In Kansas City

If you’re in need of an employment discrimination attorney in Kansas City, we hope you’ll contact us. Here at Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher Trial Lawyers, we strive to be the best employment discrimination attorneys in Kansas City. If you are dealing with any issue involving potential discrimination, please reach out today.