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Underinsured And Uninsured

Car accidents can be one of the most challenging events people ever experience.¬†Ideally, every driver should have coverage for liability insurance to protect other drivers in case of a road accident. In reality, however, some people drive without insurance, or they have the minimum insurance coverage required by law, it is not sufficient to cover the other driver’s damages. This is where uninsured coverage and underinsured coverage come in.

Purchase Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The reason for purchasing uninsured motorist coverage is to pay for medical bills and property damage in case the driver who caused the accident doesn’t carry liability insurance. If the driver who caused the accident is wealthy and uninsured, you may sue him or her and be able to recover for damages. However, this is rarely the case.¬†Most people without insurance do not have significant assets from which you can recover damages.

In addition, even when drivers do carry insurance coverage, some of them do not carry sufficient insurance coverage for the purposes of serious injuries. In those cases, you can file an underinsured motorist coverage claim with your insurer to fill the gap between your bills and the amount you recovered from the other driver’s insurance.

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