What Constitutes A Wrongful Termination

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One of the first steps many take after they feel they’ve been unfairly fired is to reach out to a lawyer. However, this may not be the best option. Before you contact a wrongful termination lawyer, you’ll want to find out if you were actually treated unfairly.

There are a number of actions that constitute a wrongful termination and a number of reasons to contact a wrongful termination lawyer.

Here’s how to find out if you were wrongfully terminated:

Written Agreements

Ay type of written agreement or contact that states or guarantees employment for a set number of time will provide a strong case for a wrongful termination case. Often, many employees have contracts that state they can only be fired for good cause. These types of contracts often work in the favor of the employed in court.

Implied Promises

Often, it is tough to prove an implied promise. However, if you can do so, then the promise can work as well as a contract during a wrongful termination case.

Courts often look at these types of things when handling an implied promise case:

  • Duration of your employment
  • Regularity of job promotions
  • History of positive performance reviews
  • Assurances that you would have continuing employment
  • Whether promises of long-term employment were made when you were hired.

Unfair Dealings

If you feel an employer acted unfairly with regards to your situation, you may have a claim on a breach of good faith.

These types of situations include:

  • If you were fired or transferred so the company could prevent you from collecting sales commissions.
  • If an employer continually mislead you into thinking you would be promoted or you would earn a wage increase.
  • Lying about the reasons for firing an employee when the comp/=any really just wanted to replace said employee with someone who costs less.
  • Ignoring the bad aspects of a job, such as travel, when hiring.
  • Transferring an employee to remote or otherwise undesirable assignments to make the employee quit without collecting severance pay or other benefits that would normally be due.

Violating Public Policy

You may have a wrongful termination case on your hands if your previous employer fired you for reasons that violate public policy. These are reasons that society has deemed illegitimate ground for termination.

Some of these cases involve:

  • Disclosing company practices that refuse to pay employees earned commissions and accrued vacation pay
  • Taking time to serve on a jury
  • Taking time off work to vote
  • Serving in the military or National Guard
  • Whistle-blowing

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