Why Missouri Workplace Laws Matter To You

If you’re an employee in Missouri then you need to understand the workplace laws granted to you. If you don’t understand your rights then you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to discrimination and more. Missouri workplace law covers each and every right within the cycle of an employer-employee relationship. It doesn’t matter if you’re a current employee, former employee, or applicant – you are covered. Due to the vast number of situations that occur in the workplace, Missouri workplace law covers issue like discrimination, wages, taxation, wrongful termination, safety, and more.

Missouri Workplace Laws & Employee Rights

Every employee in Missouri has basic rights in the workplace. Rights to privacy, fair compensation, and from discrimination are provided to all Missouri employees. Even a job applicant in Missouri has many rights before he or she is hired. For example, a prospective employer is not allowed to ask a job applicant most family-related questions at any time throughout the hiring process.

Missouri provides stringent privacy laws to employees. These Missouri workplace laws pertaining to privacy include protection of personal possessions, private mail, email, and telephone conversations. If the communication was done on the company’s computer system then the privacy rights granted to an employee may be limited.

Employers cannot ask many pieces of information during the hiring process. Missouri does not allow credit or background checks of potential employees unless the applicant is notified in writing and grants permission for the credit or background check.

Employees in Missouri are also granted many rights stemming from freedom from discrimination. Employers must ensure a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. While sexual harassment is commonly associated with workplace discrimination – Missouri workplace laws offer protection from a number of different types of discrimination.

Missouri Workplace Laws, Federal Regulations, & Employee Relationships

Missouri workplace laws are not the only protections provided to employees in the state. Many federal regulations ensure all employees have certain rights. While we won’t go too into detail, there are a number of regulations protecting workers.

Here are a few:

• Title VII
• Age Discrimination in Employment Act
• Family and Medical Leave Act
• Americans With Disabilities Act
• Fair Labor Standards Act

…And many more!

Each of these acts provides different rights to employees. Combined with Missouri Workplace Laws – workers in Missouri can feel confident that they are protected while in the workplace.

The Best Missouri Workplace Law Attorney

Even when an employer works to be compliant with Missouri workplace laws – it only takes one mistake to harm an employee. Discrimination does happen. Invasions of privacy are not uncommon. If you’ve believe your rights as a worker in Missouri have been violated then you need to work with a Missouri workplace laws attorney.

If you’re in need of a workplace lawyer in Kansas City, we hope you’ll contact us. Here at Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher Trial Lawyers, we strive to be the best employee rights lawyers in Kansas City. If you are dealing with any issue involving Missouri workplace laws, please reach out today. We are here to help.