Workplace Discrimination Statistics You Need to Know

It can be difficult to compile workplace discrimination statistics. Many cases go unreported. Many cases are covered up. Many cases are subject to confidentiality agreements. Many times – the individual that is being discriminated against has no idea any discrimination is actually taking place.

So workplace discrimination statistics are a bit skewed. Still, we can garner interesting insight into employer behavior simply by examining what stats we have and seeing what the data tells us.

So here are a few of the workplace discrimination statistics you may want to take into consideration:

  • Sex Discrimination in the Workplace

Recently, President Obama and his staff have done some research. They have concluded that women are only paid 77 percent of what a man would be paid in a similar situation. That’s a significant difference, and one has to wonder how much sexual discrimination takes place in the workplace.

  • Interesting Discrimination

In the United States, we often believe white men have the upper hand in the job market. However, the statistics have shown that Asian men and women make more on average than whites, blacks, and Hispanics. While this is surprising, the statistics could be based on the type of work Asian Americans often choose to do.

  • Sad Workplace Discrimination Statistic

We know that workplace discrimination is common, but there may be a reason for this. A recent study found that only 1.2% of discrimination complaints in the workplace result in a financial reward to the claimant. Companies simply have no incentive to not discriminate because discrimination is so difficult to actually prove true.

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