Workplace Discrimination Victims Deserve Real Justice

Life isn’t fair. It’s a fact of this little game we all play called life. We are led to believe certain entities were created to protect us, but the reality of the situation doesn’t paint quite as rosy a view. Injustice spreads far, and it spreads wide.

For instance – small business owners are often forced to pay higher tax rates than multi-billion dollar corporations, as they squeak out meager profits that barely allow them to get by. The little guy is oft ill prepared and unprotected, a vulnerable target, to say the least.

Another David versus Goliath scenario that tends to end with the so-called little guy getting the short end of the stick occurs when the EEOC, or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, gets involved in discrimination cases in the workplace. Mediation does more harm than good for victims, but no one in this branch of the government seems to care.

The EEOC and Collusion

Your workplace discrimination case often ends up in the hands of the EEOC, especially if you have a real case. The entity will determine if your case is valid and if so – you’ll be granted the opportunity to partake in mediation with your employer.

On paper – mediation seems like a good deal. Instead of having to take on the burden of hefty legal fees and a drawn out process, the government helps you find a solution without the courtroom and fees. In reality, the victim merely shifts the discriminatory practices from the workplace to a more systematic version. How lucky!

What Your Employer Receives from the EEOC?

Your company gets a much greater benefit when going to mediation with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Not only does the confidentiality associated with mediation work well for companies, but avoiding legal fees is also a huge win. Plus, the average EEOC mediation settlement is less than $20,000. That’s nothing for a company – a company with liability insurance.

How Do Victims Get the Shaft?

You were a victim of workplace discrimination. A crime was committed against who you are. You may have lost your job. You definitely cannot go back to work with the same company after mediation. The bad blood alone would cause stroke-inducing levels of stress alone.

So the EEOC says they will help you out. They may tell you not to get a lawyer. The organization may claim they’ll help you. The truth is they won’t. Your employer has been colluding with the EEOC ever since this branch of government was created. The goal of any mediation is to get you out of the door with as little money as possible, but just enough to ensure you stay quiet. Just enough cash to give you the incentive to keep your mouth shut.

Through trial and error, the EEOC found out around $20,000 is usually enough to get the job done. If your case went to court and the media got wind of it – you could have a million dollar settlement on your hands. The EEOC knows this. Your employer knows this.

Do You?

If you’re a victim of workplace discrimination, you need to stand up for your rights. The EEOC won’t. Your employer has already betrayed your trust at least once. You deserve real justice, and the only way you can get just that is by finding a lawyer who is ready to fight for you.