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Why You Need a Workplace Retaliation Attorney In Kansas City

Employers are people, too. Well, maybe your employer is a corporation, but they're still run by humans. And last I checked all humans have emotions. No person is perfect, and we all make mistakes. As such, your employer may let their emotions get the best of them and retaliate against you. The fact of the [...]

6 Times You May Need a Wrongful Termination Attorney in Kansas City, MO

Before you hire a wrongful termination attorney in Kansas City, MO – you need to know the times or situations that call for such action. Many times your employer has full rights to fire you when they please for almost any reason. Employers have this right because almost all employment in the United States is [...]

5 Reasons You Need a Worker Compensation Attorney in Kansas City

Life happens. So do injuries. You were working hard one day. Next thing you know – you're injured and unable to perform your day the following day. Your workplace injury is fairly serious. Maybe surgery is required. The facts remain the same. You cannot work as of now due to an injury at your workplace. [...]

Watch Out For Quid-Pro-Quo Sexual Harassment

Watch Out For Quid-Pro-Quo Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment, like all types of harassment, comes in many different forms. Lewd remarks or an unwanted touch here or there are not the only forms of sexual assault in the workplace. Due to the variety of sexual harassment in the workplace, it's important to have a great understand [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Verbal Sexual Harassment

A Beginner's Guide to Verbal Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment law can be quite nuanced. A quick quip here or there may not constitute sexual harassment, but a barrage of them often does. Just like many areas in life – it's not always black and white. There's a fine line when millions of dollars, jobs and [...]

How to Handle a Race Discrimination Case

Employers often feel sick when a racial discrimination case comes across the desk. Such a complaint can lead to tensions in the workplace, legal battles, bad publicity, and government involvement. And if you don't handle such claims properly – you could no longer have a business. By following a plan that evaluates a complaint seriously, [...]

4 Prominent Racial Discrimination Cases in the United States

As a country, we have made strides throughout the years to embrace diversity and openness. While occasionally it seems we're going backward, one only has to look back to see how far we have come. Throughout the years, racial discrimination cases have taken place frequently. Many of these trials have made national news, some even [...]

Interesting Developments From the Workplace Discrimination Front

We've talked about workplace discrimination in a variety of forms here. Sexual harassment to race discrimination or disability discrimination and more. Many people find confusion in what workplace discrimination is and how we are combating it as a culture. No longer does the workplace resemble the "good ole' boys club" here in the United States. [...]

A Race Discrimination Lawyer’s Take on Recent Developments

A Race Discrimination Lawyer's Take on Recent Developments Race is a hot button topic these days. You can't flip on the news without seeing race mention throughout nearly every discussion. Politics, movies, music, money, athletics, and business all have their eyes glued on the issue of race. While the push for equality is ever present, [...]

Don’t Suffer in Silence! Workplace Harassment is a Crime

Don't Suffer in Silence! Workplace Harassment is a Crime It's often hard to tell when you're the victim of workplace harassment. Most harassers do not begin by aggressively bullying others. So you start to let things slide. Confusion often lends hand to silence. Silence tends to turn into common occurrences. And these instances that keep [...]

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