Wrongful Death Lawyer Kansas City MO

wrongful death

When a person dies due to the fault of another person, it is the heirs who bring the wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death may result from an intentional or negligent act. It does not only hold natural persons liable, but also juridical persons like manufacturers, companies, and even government agencies

The Elements of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit are:

  1. A person dies
  2. The cause of death is another person’s negligent act or with intent to harm
  3. Heirs of the deceased who suffer financial injury due to the victims death
  4. A representative for the decedent’s estate

Damages for wrongful death:

There are basically two categories of damages which can be claimed in wrongful death cases.

  1. Damages suffered by the deceased. This refers to the damages suffered by the deceased from the time the negligent act, which caused the death, occurred, up to the time when the deceased actually dies.
  2. Damages suffered by the next of kin. This refers to the damages suffered by the heirs or next of kin because of the death of the deceased. This serves to compensate them for their financial loss resulting from the decedent’s death.

Real Parties in Interests:

Real Parties in Interests are those who are allowed to bring a wrongful death lawsuit.

  1. Immediate family members
  2. Spouses (Life partners and Putative spouses)
  3. Distant family members
  4. Those who suffer financial loss because of decedents death
  5. Parents of a deceased fetus

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