Legal & Lawless Around the Holidays: Winter Tips From Your Favorite Kansas City Law Firm

Well, let's hope things don't get lawless. That's not what we want. We just want everyone to be safe around the holidays. The holidays are a time to spend with those you care about, your family and friends. So in the holiday spirit, we're dishing out a few tips and tricks to ensure you stay [...]

So You Need a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Kansas City, MO?

We all do it. No one follows the speed limit at all times. Maybe the road is empty late at night. Or you could be in a rush to make an appointment on time. Heck, you could just have a need for speed. Whatever your reason for driving too fast, you may find a need [...]

What On Earth Is Consumer Rights Law?

Most people know employees have a lot of rights. Employers cannot discriminate against, harass, retaliate, and more. Employees are fairly protected by law and employers know this. However, many are surprised to find out that consumers also have a lot of rights. As consumer rights attorneys in Kansas City, MO – we see a lot [...]

Understanding What an Employee Rights Law Firm Does

The wide world of employment is filled with twists and turns. Sometimes you'll be on the top of the world. Other times you may find yourself at the bottom. You may not get a promotion. You may miss out on the big sale. Heck, you may even get fired. And in some of these scenarios, [...]

The In’s and Out’s of Hiring an Overtime Attorney

You've been working your tail off, but you're not getting paid for it. Instead of getting the overtime pay you know you deserve, there's no change in your paycheck. Last week you worked over 55 hours, but your check came out the same way it does when you work 40-hour weeks. Something isn't right. You [...]

9 Attorney Practice Areas in Kansas City

The field of law is wide ranging and ever-changing. As such, there are numerous attorney practice areas in Kansas City. From DWI lawyers to slip and fall attorneys – you can find it all here. There’s a legal professional for every type of situation you may find yourself in. The key is to make sure [...]

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Workplace Discrimination Statistics You Need to Know

Workplace Discrimination Statistics You Need to Know It can be difficult to compile workplace discrimination statistics. Many cases go unreported. Many cases are covered up. Many cases are subject to confidentiality agreements. Many times – the individual that is being discriminated against has no idea any discrimination is actually taking place. So workplace discrimination statistics [...]

Are Tattoos Part of Workplace Discrimination?

Is There Such a Thing as Tattoos in the Workplace Discrimination? You have probably noticed the rising popularity of tattoos. As millennials have begun entering the workforce, competing for promotions and advancing their careers – there has been some whispers about tattoos in the workplace discrimination. While individuals with tattoos have claimed their body art [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Workplace Discrimination Laws

A Beginner's Guide to Workplace Discrimination Laws Workplace discrimination is a large topic. Wide ranging. Full spectrum. Workplace discrimination lawyers have to study years upon years to be fully versed in this area of law. Still, I'll give you a brief overview of the topic by discussing some of the most significant workplace discrimination laws. [...]

Watch Out For Quid-Pro-Quo Sexual Harassment

Watch Out For Quid-Pro-Quo Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment, like all types of harassment, comes in many different forms. Lewd remarks or an unwanted touch here or there are not the only forms of sexual assault in the workplace. Due to the variety of sexual harassment in the workplace, it's important to have a great understand [...]

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