We all have vices. Maybe yours is going fast. Maybe you think a little like Ricky Bobby. “If you ain’t first, you’re last,” is more than a movie quote to you. It’s a lifestyle.

Or you could have just been in a rush. Maybe you didn’t know you were going that fast. Whatever your reason, you got a speeding ticket. And now you’re looking for a speeding ticket attorney in Kansas City.

Understanding Speeding Tickets

Before we get into hiring the perfect speeding ticket attorney, let’s learn a little more about these pesky violations. Over 30 million speeding tickets are handed out each year in the United States.

Cities and States use these tickets to drive revenue. Some estimates find that $5 billion in revenue is generated by speeding ticket fines in the United States each and every year. That’s a big chunk of change. And if a city is struggling financially, there is a good chance more tickets will be issued.

While men receive more speeding tickets than females, a woman is more likely to challenge her fine. And unsurprisingly, individuals between the ages of 17-24 get the most speeding tickets.

Not only will you be responsible for the fine after a speeding ticket, but your insurance rate will go up. The average car insurance increases after a speeding ticket are $300.

Can a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Kansas City Help You Beat a Ticket?

Luckily, there’s some good news. You can get a speeding ticket off your record in a number of cases. You’ll just need the help of a good speeding ticket attorney in Kansas City to do so.

Speeding tickets get dismissed or amended to non-moving violations more often than not if you use a lawyer. There are tons of technicalities that can get a speeding ticket dismissed. There are dozens of minor technicalities that can be used to get a speeding ticket dismissed.

If there are not errors or technicalities surrounding your ticket, then the speeding ticket won’t get dismissed. However, you can still benefit from hiring a speeding ticket lawyer in Kansas City. These lawyers may still be able to reduce your fine, get a reward for a good record, and more.

Speeding Tickets Overall

If you get a ticket, it’s important to understand one thing: the system is designed with negotiation built-in. All you need to do is hire someone who knows how to negotiate within the complex system.