I Fell on A Public Sidewalk, And My Bills Are Piling Up. What Are My Options?


Sidewalks should be a safe place for pedestrians to walk. Sadly, many public sidewalks have large holes, cracks, and trees roots growing under them, posing a threat of serious injury to walkers; and, unfortunately, many people are injured due to these defective sidewalks on a regular basis. To make matters worse, when dealing with the injuries that resulted from this fall, these people will face many additional challenges.


Determining Who Is Responsible for the Unsafe Sidewalk Conditions


Public sidewalks run through major metropolitan areas, across major highways, and into suburban areas. Determining who is responsible for the maintenance of a particular sidewalk can be difficult. For example, with few exceptions, a landowner is not required to repair, maintain, or even to report a damaged public sidewalk (the two major exceptions to this general rule are when the landowner uses the abutting public sidewalk for a purpose other than the intended use of the sidewalk, or if the landowner acts in a negligent manner and affirmatively creates a dangerous condition).


Another example is that of a sidewalk on a city street that passes over a state highway. In this instance, either the city or the state may be responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, depending on the law in that state. Additionally, because time is often a factor, proper notice of the claim may need to be given to the correct government entity in as little as thirty (30) days. As such, it is extremely important to have the right attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling such cases.


What Should You Do If You Have Been Injured Due to A Defective Sidewalk?


The first thing you should do if you’ve been injured due to a slip and fall as a result of a sidewalk in disrepair is take pictures of the scene of the accident, your clothing, and your injuries. It is crucial that you document the scene and resulting injuries in order to protect your interests.


Second, you should contact an experienced attorney. We at Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher, are very familiar with these types of cases. We have the knowledge, experience, and skills needed to protect you and your financial interests. If you have been injured, and are unsure what to do, call us today. We can help.