We’ve talked about workplace discrimination in a variety of forms here. Sexual harassment to race discrimination or disability discrimination and more.

Many people find confusion in what workplace discrimination is and how we are combating it as a culture. No longer does the workplace resemble the “good ole’ boys club” here in the United States.

Luckily, we have a diverse workforce that excels in offering differing opinions and options. So here are a few interesting developments with regards to workplace discrimination around the world:

NFL Using Virtual Reality

Recently, the NFL announced plans to combat workplace discrimination through virtual reality. The program comes from Stanford University and essentially puts others into your shoes. The goal is to “walk a mile” in someone else’s shoes. So a black man may see the world from the views of an Asian woman, or a white man can see the world how a black woman would.

China Opens Up About Transgender Discrimination in Workplace

A court in Guizhou, China recently took a look at the country’s first ever transgender discrimination in the workplace case.  The court took the case after a transgender man was told he “looked like a lesbian” by company officials. Then he was fired because they feared he could hurt the company’s reputation, even though his performance as a sales consultant was satisfactory.

Transgender Employees & “It”

A former Whole Foods employee sued the grocer due to employees continually referring to him as a “she” or what he considered to be even worse, “it.” The claim was recently filed and no judgment has been given. However, many workplace discrimination lawyers and trainers urge employers to include training about referring to transgendered people by their desired sex. Calling a transgendered person “it” is not good for any company, as lawsuits are likely.

Concerts Canceled Over Legislation

Mississippi recently passed a law that allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to gay couples. Now, famous musicians like Bryan Adams have been canceling shows in the state due to a dislike for the law. Bruce Springsteen took a similar stand, as well. Springsteen, the rock icon, canceled a show in North Carolina over their new bathroom law, which allegedly discriminates against the LBGT community.

While these often don’t affect employees, the ability to “discriminate” in some ways is an interesting development for employers. One such development, as workplace discrimination lawyers, we will be watching closely over the coming months.

Workplace Discrimination Lawyers in Kansas City

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