There’s no mistaking what you’ve experienced. You know you’re the victim of sexual harassment. It’s time to make moves. You must be a proactive victim, even if things seem painful at the time. What you do next will have important ramifications moving forward.

Instead of sulking for weeks on end, you must avoid these common mistakes many people face when sexual harassment occurs. While nothing that happened is your fault, you need to muster the strength to preserve integrity within your case.

Here’s a how to overcome sexual harassment and avoid common mistakes.


Tell the harasser that they must stop. And do it now. Speak up. Voice your issues. If you don’t tell this person to stop, then things will get worse.

Document Everything

Keep track of any harassment you’ve experienced. Emails and phone messages are a great first step, but you can even log a diary or wear a voice recorder.

Understand Harassment

It’s crucial you understand your rights in the workplace before reporting your case. A false accusation can bring legal action in some instances.

Report Early & Often

The longer you wait to report sexual abuse in the workplace – the harder it will be to find justice. Keep a diary of all harassment and build your case, but don’t wait for years to get in touch with HR, or a lawyer.

Follow Up on your Complaint

If you say something to management or HR about your harassment, but fail to follow up – you hurt the validity of your claim. Continually keep in touch with HR, especially if more sexual harassment occurs.

Your Company Doesn’t Know Best

Even if your complaint is seen as not valid by HR or management – that doesn’t mean you haven’t experienced harassment. The company doesn’t want to deal with lawsuits, so they will often tell you that there’s no case. That’s why a lawyer should be involved.

Mental Healthcare

Sexual harassment is serious. If you’ve been facing these types of problems in the workplace, it can be hard to cope alone. Many victims find great benefit in mental health care or therapy after harassment.

Get a Lawyer Involved

Don’t wait too long to get a lawyer involved. If you have been dealing with sexual harassment and are confident in your case, you’ll want to contact an attorney at the beginning of this process. Your lawyer will ensure you don’t make any common mistakes as you make your case and fight for your rights.

Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Kansas City

If you find yourself fighting sexual harassment in the workplace and are located in the Kansas City metro area – we hope you’ll get in touch. At Hollingshead, Paulus, and Eccher, we fight for individuals suffering in the workplace. By taking the necessary steps to protect your rights and determining appropriate action for your situation – we can ensure you get justice.