Most people know employees have a lot of rights. Employers cannot discriminate against, harass, retaliate, and more. Employees are fairly protected by law and employers know this. However, many are surprised to find out that consumers also have a lot of rights.

As consumer rights attorneys in Kansas City, MO – we see a lot of cases where companies take advantage of consumers and/or inflict harm on them. It’s saddening, but it happens. Luckily, the Federal Trade Commission created a board that fights for consumer protections.

What is Consumer Rights Law?

Consumer rights law is simply a classification of laws and groups that were created to ensure the rights of individuals doing business with companies, along with fair trade and accurate information, is always protected within the marketplace. Essentially, these laws were created to ensure businesses do not engage in unfair practices or fraud that hurts consumers and gains advantage over competitors.

These groups and laws fight every day to prevent fraud and scams from dominating the marketplace. Like every other consumer rights attorney in Kansas City, MO – we’ve seen a lot of them through the years. Scamming and fraudulent activity are nothing new.

Common Consumer Rights Law Violations

Now, we understand this concept may seem vague to you right now. So we wanted to clear things up by providing some examples. Here’s a common case we see as consumer rights attorneys in Kansas City, MO:

An elderly man buys an antique from a dealer. The dealer states that the product is unique, one-of-a-kind and therefore – exceptionally valuable. The elderly man pays top dollar for the antique. A few months later he’s informed that the item is a fake, and he has been ripped off. The elderly man sues the dealer under consumer rights law and wins.

Let’s take a look at another example of consumer rights law in action:

It’s illegal to deceptively price items. Many retailers like to use price reductions as a sales technique. This is legal. What is not legal is reporting the original price as more than it truly is.

Another example would be a phone company telling consumers that it has unlimited data plans. The customer relies on the representation and purchases phone service through the phone company only to release that after they’ve used a certain amount of data, the phone company throttles their access to data. It’s not unlimited data if you cannot access the data.

Consumer Rights Attorney in Kansas City, MO

The above are just a few examples of consumer rights law in action. There are many, many more. If you feel a company has deceived you in the buying process, your consumer rights may have been violated. Even if it wasn’t for a huge sum of money, no one likes to be taken advantage of.

Our Kansas City Consumer Rights lawyers understand these facts. That’s why we work hard to be the premier consumer rights attorneys in Kansas City, MO. Get in touch today if you feel a company violated your consumer rights.